Clean-up for Unity and Service

Clean-up for Unity and Service.

Tangaza University College Service Learning is expressed in a number of ways. Students through Tangaza University Students’ Service Learning Alliance (TUSSLA) coordinate club activities that support and engage communities in creating a better world for all.

This meaningful engagement was seen with the scouts’ club on Saturday, September 24th, 2022, when they engaged in a community service initiative on environmental conservation activity under the theme: Clean-up for Unity and Service. This initiative brought together students of scouting clubs from the neighboring universities such as Consolata Missionaries and students from the Cooperative University of Kenya who engaged in clean-up processes within Tangaza and the neighboring communities. The students also invited dignitaries such as the Lang’ata sub-county scout program commissioner, Lang’ata sub-county Youth leader, and the Regional scouts’ commandant for Kenya.

The aim of the activity was to raise awareness of environmental issues that are related to climate change impacts that affect humanity and other living organisms. In attendance was also the Regional Coordinator, Service Learning Africa, Dr. Judith Pete, who pointed that: “What amazes me is how the concept of service learning is taking centre stage for our students in various perspectives. The scouting club, for example, is implementing the broad principles of duty to God, duty to Others and duty to Self to challenge social problems in our midst.  I am glad to see how students through different clubs at Tangaza are pursuing different methods to contribute to the world around them especially in protecting and conserving the environment. Through this, the promise and process of Service Learning is being actualized and recognized through students to the community and the world around us.”

The Tangaza Scouts’ Chairperson, Erick Simiyu noted that “As a club, with our motto, ‘Be Prepared,’ we are encouraged and motivated to take initiatives that engage our abilities and skills to transform communities around us. As a result, we find meaningful solutions to real problems facing our societies today. Through inter-university scouts’ clubs’ partnerships, the clean-up for unity and service focused on environmental protection and conservation. This theme came as a result of the negative impacts of climate change that we witness in our midst when we face starvation, loose lives, livestock, and other living organisms due to persistent drought. We strive to find more approaches and activities that will help to transform our communities for a better world.” 

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