Public Lecture on Service Learning, University of Kisubi, Uganda, Africa

On 18th February 2022, University of Kisubi, Uganda, a Member Institution of the Uniservitate Regional Hub in Africa, organized a Public Lecture on Service-Learning, under the theme: Embracing 21st Century Pedagogy for Active Learning.

The main objective of the event was to raise awareness of Service Learning as an integral and complementary pedagogy of the University’s educational mission across the wider public of the University community. The Lecture introduced the University community to the theoretical and experiential underpinnings of Service Learning as a novel pedagogical philosophy and approach to education that prepares its members, particularly the learners, to become agents of transformative change.

The Public Lecture was planned as a gateway to all the Service Learning activities in UniK. These activities would include: launching of the Service Learning Club (as the link between the Coordination Team and the students’ body), unveiling the UniK Service Learning Tree and Logo, and announcing the Service Learning Essay Competition, among others.

Prof Maria Rosa Tapia (Uniservitate Programme, CLAYSS, Argentina) joined the meeting as a Keynote speaker. Drawing from her wealth of experience, that has championed Service Learning in her own country and globally, she unpacked the theoretical and experiential perspectives of Service Learning.

Dr. Judith Pete (Tangaza University College, Kenya) graced the event as the guest speaker. In her capacity as African Hub Coordinator, she gave a general overview of UNISERVITATE’s Service Learning engagements within the African context situating University of Kisubi therein.

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